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I have a passion for travel. You could say it even runs in the family! My sister worked in the travel industry and loved it and I enjoyed many of her great perks, traveling to popular vacation destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. So many people started asking me for travel advice that I started my own travel agency and never looked back. I'm so passionate about sharing my adventures and tips with my clients that I figured I should start a blog to share my favorite tips, pictures and more with even more people.

The Early Bird Gets More than a Worm

September 17th, 2014

So fall really snuck up on me quick.  Yes, I was ready for my kids to go back to school, but I wasn’t quite ready for the cold temperatures that accompanied their return.  I also procrastinated and found myself paying more for school supplies than most of my friends.  UGH.. I really need to find more hours in a day and plan a little better to save some money!

So, since my friend Farmer Mike and the Farmer’s Almanac have both predicted “Another Nasty Winter“,  I figured I better start planning ahead and find some things to get ahead of the stir craziness that’s bound to happen.  Here is a list of activities to do indoors with kids on the first snow day.  I’m sure there are many others you would add to this list (and let’s be honest – we’re not past letting the TV babysit for a little bit, are we?).

Family Vacation MexicoHere’s another idea… screw winter (or at least for a few days) and head to the beach!  After shoveling what felt like 100 times and having my kids’ school canceled for what felt like weeks, we finally planned a last-minute trip to Puerto Vallarta thanks to the help of some of my travel friends.  You can bet this year a winter vacation (perhaps one with kids and one without kids) has already crossed my mind multiple times and this year I won’t wait to pull the trigger.

And speaking of pulling the trigger, there are lots of advantages to booking your winter vacation early.  For one, many of the popular times to travel (Christmas, Spring Break and long holiday weekends) are already starting to sell out.  And if you’re like most of my clients and hoping the prices will come down a bit and keep holding out, you may find yourself stuck in Wisconsin going stir crazy again.

If that’s not incentive enough, Funjet Vacations is now offering up to 60% off when you book by September 25.  Plus, they’ve introduced a best price guarantee where just $10 more per person will guarantee you the lowest price on your vacation.  They also offer some pretty rockin’ travel protection that allows you to cancel for any reason and get your money back – and by money, I mean money – not travel credits!

Best part of all, with nothing more than a simple phone call I can do all of the work for you (so you can turn your attention to remaining sane the other 358 days a year).

Life is short. Pack your suitcase!   Chris