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I have a passion for travel. You could say it even runs in the family! My sister worked in the travel industry and loved it and I enjoyed many of her great perks, traveling to popular vacation destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. So many people started asking me for travel advice that I started my own travel agency and never looked back. I'm so passionate about sharing my adventures and tips with my clients that I figured I should start a blog to share my favorite tips, pictures and more with even more people.

Leave ‘Em Behind or Lock ‘Em Up

April 23rd, 2014

No, I’m not talking about your children.  I’m talking about the valuables that some people feel they need to pack on vacation.  Over the years, I have had people (including me) have things lost or stolen on vacation. Here’s my take on that:  Please do not bring anything you can’t afford to lose with you.

My sister and I are both avid travelers and both have had things lost or stolen on vacation.  My daughter lost her favorite blanket on day 1 of a vacation and you moms can imagine how the rest of our trip went!  Not only that… I had to “win” one on Ebay for 3 times the cost of the original one when we got home.  So while you may want to bring along your mother’s ring to wear to dinner one night, don’t!  I don’t even travel with my engagement ring.

However, if you must travel with valuables, here are some tips:

  • Don’t leave items out that are tempting.  Housekeeping, room service and other great services we experience on vacation come in your room… don’t tempt them.
  • Use the safe.  Almost every hotel I recommend internationally provides a safe in your room free of charge.  Leave your iPad, phone, camera, jewelry, money and other valuables locked up every time you leave the room.
  • Never put valuables in your checked bag.  FAA regulations do not allow you to lock your baggage, which is inspected at your departing and arriving airports.  Carry your valuables with you in your carry-on bag.

And unless you want to be “stuck” in your vacation destination, NEVER take your passport out of the safe until you are ready to depart the hotel.  I also always suggest leaving a copy of your passport at home with a friend or loved one so if it is lost or stolen, you have an easier time getting back home.

While we like to think that your belongings are safe on vacation, I always say to use the same common sense you would apply at home.  You don’t leave your purse sit on the front seat of your unlocked car at the grocery store, so why would you on vacation?

Life is short.  Pack your suitcase (and think twice about the valuables you bring along)!