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I have a passion for travel. You could say it even runs in the family! My sister worked in the travel industry and loved it and I enjoyed many of her great perks, traveling to popular vacation destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. So many people started asking me for travel advice that I started my own travel agency and never looked back. I'm so passionate about sharing my adventures and tips with my clients that I figured I should start a blog to share my favorite tips, pictures and more with even more people.

Life is Short. Pack Your Suitcase.

April 15th, 2014

This has a been a very long winter in Wisconsin. Even though the first day of spring came and went, the temperatures have yet to cooperate. Not helping the winter blues in the Terry household is that due to unforeseen circumstances this was the first winter of many that we didn’t head to a warm weather destination (sigh). Cabin fever finally got the best of me, so I packed up our suitcase and made the most of a couple staycations.

Over St. Patrick’s Day, we set off on an Irish journey… to Green Bay, Wisconsin. OK, we didn’t head to the Emerald Isle, but we did end up at St. Brennan’s Inn in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin – a quaint little Inn with a pub that served up great brew and traditional Irish fare. Just one week later, we packed our suitcase and headed off for a fun-filled family staycation in Madison, Wisconsin. Our first stop was Cheeseburger in Paradise (maybe a margarita and some Jimmy Buffet tunes were just what I needed), a new family favorite. We then spent the afternoon at Cave of the Mounds in Southwestern Wisconsin, the premier cave of the Midwest. Pretty cool, though the kids favorite part of the trip was probably the nice pool area at the Holiday Inn West.TakeVacations_PQ

As a travel agent, I always encourage people to get out and travel. As a mom, I can see how that is not always a possibility (or at least not the beautiful beaches, ocean breezes and margaritas). Whether a tropical vacation or staycation, I encourage you to find a way to get out and explore a new destination… make new memories. And of course, find time for a margarita somewhere along the way!